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Round table: Art, féminisme et écologie
Deuxième table ronde portant sur l'écoféminisme dans la création artistique
Tuesday April 12 | 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Place : Online

The association of feminist thought with environmentalism is generally dated to the early 1970s, fueled by the idea that nature is a victim of the patriarchal capitalist system, as are women. Today, there is a general trend that people who identify as women are more concerned and involved than men in issues related to the preservation of the environment. Participants in this roundtable will define ecofeminism, discuss why people who identify as women may be more sensitive to environmental issues, and celebrate the work of certain activists. Primarily, this discussion will be a reflection on engaged art and the role of the artist in raising awareness and encouraging action in general.

How do we articulate ecology and feminism? How can artists and cultural workers raise public awareness of this issue? (Discussion in French)

Leader: Kama La Mackerel
Participants: Marcella França, Emilie Crewe, Annabel Gueredrat, Camille Lescarbeau et Kezna Dalz (Teen Adult)

Free | No reservation required

Online event, Facebook live

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