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Alex Apostolidis
courtesy of the artist
747 Rue du Square-Victoria, Montréal, QC H2Y 3Y9


Alex Apostolidis is a non-binary multimedia artist born in Toronto, Ontario. Their work tackles temporality, liminality, and memory through a queer lens. They prioritizes materiality and environment in their work. Apostolidis primarily uses installation, video, 35 mm photography, collage and found objects. Their work has been shown in Satellite Art Show, Performance is Alive (Brooklyn, NY, 2019), and the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival (Etobicoke, ON, 2011). They completed BFA in Photography at Concordia University in 2021. Apostolidis also works as a freelance photographer, graphic designer and housing rights advocate outside of their fine art practice.

Approach and works on display

Exploring his lifelong obsession with television, Alex Apostolidis realized that there are not enough creativity and presentation of genuine community but the tokenization of non-hegemonic individuals. And often, marginalized individuals or communities tend to be stereotyped in order to make a contrast from more hegemonic characters. Creating an atypical variety show that all casts on TV is a stereotype and everyone is also Queer, Apostolidis aims to spotlight on the specific community. As a way to combat isolation during the pandemic, he brought together over 20 members of the LGBTQ+ community from across Canada to safely work on a project. Gathering has always been an important aspect of resiliency within the Queer Community, not only integral to solidarity, resistance and safety but also a pillar for supporting other marginalized communities.

The Future of Television (2020-2021)

The Future of Television reimagines what TV can look like in the age of lockdown and internet dominance. It features the first episode of “The Alex A*******s Show” which is a queer CanCon variety show, highlighting the experiences and characters of LGBTQ+ youth across Canada through reality TV. The show is a jumble of chaos and joy, a camp-tech fantasy with public access, digital love, and drag – a salute to the old times where we all sat on our own couches, viewing the same content at the same time. The episode tackles themes of love, addiction, mental health, celebrity culture, production, communities and agencies – topics that are centred in conversations in and around Queer community. The Future of Television combines the language of classic cable television and Zoom aesthetics – an eerie and awkward temporal dissonance, common during COVID-19, while still performing out an era where COVID-19 does not exist.

Works by the artist

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