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Anabel Burin
courtesy of the artist
1001 Pl. Jean-Paul-Riopelle, Montréal, QC H2Z 1H5


Anabel Burin, born in Argentina, is a photographer and graphic designer. She holds a DEP in professional photography from Dawson College and a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Concordia University.

Approach and works on display

As a young migrant woman living in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, Anabel has always been curious about the origins, traditions and life stories of those surrounding her. Her intention is to maximize the value of what others might consider “commonplace” at first glance. Over the course of a lifetime, many of the tasty details of everyday life are lost in the routine. These interventions capture and expose the surprising elements that make the “ordinary” shine. In these images, the light of the place, the colors and the textures are the allies to transmit with authenticity the magic that inhabits the reality of these subjects. Her approach is documentary photography, but the rendering goes beyond the simple reportage. Her art allows the viewer to consult a page of the history of the “other” to see the extraordinary. In the case of the present project, it is a question of putting forward various realities of single mothers that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Mamans solos (2021)

Mamans solos is a photographic study of the presence (and lack of visibility) of single mothers in Quebec’s modern society. It is from a feminist perspective that these images explore motherhood by questioning the role of the “feminine” and the maternal practices that women have traditionally occupied in the so-called traditional home. In this series, Anabel sought to depict the essence of the constant changes between single mothers and their children during a time of pandemic, a time that is particularly taxing on one’s daily routine and emotions. In addition, this collection reflects on the social changes of the generations that have given rise to the possibility of becoming a “single mother by choice” and thus, affirming solo parenthood as an ethical, emancipatory, and political practice. These women display a state of mind in which maternal desire takes precedence over all traditional parenthood conventions. They overcome with Herculean strength the challenges of living an atypical lifestyle, in a society where gender inequality still prevails.

Works by the artist

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