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Rino Côté
courtesy of the artist
950 Rue du Square-Victoria, Montréal, QC H3C 6J7


Experienced research and development specialist in the entertainment industry. Skilled in contemporary art, visual arts, fine arts and sculpture. Possesses a Bachelor’s degree in visual arts from UQAM and a Master’s degree from UQAC in digital design and 3D animation, specialization in digital prototyping.

Approach and works on display

For the past few years, Rino Côté has been working with a team of experts using 3D printing and scanning technologies in relation to the human body. His creative process is based on these experiments of using and diverting these new technological tools. It is also part of his artistic research that has been ongoing for over twenty years, on the theme of the human condition. Inspired by the meteoric developments of genetically modified organisms, he explores how the organic macrocosm is found in materials and objects as well as in nature. As a sculptor, he is interested in all possible materials and technologies that can take the artist further in his thinking and creative process. His work is not based on social or philosophical analysis, but rather on transformative action. He intends to demonstrate, with the help of materials, mechanisms and new technologies, that the body is multiple, not reducible to an organ or a cell, and that each one is unique and indivisible.

Micro POP! (2022)

Micro POP! is about the contamination of a place, kind of like a mushroom. This installation is part of a chosen space : they could be installed precisely where they are intended and give the impression of growing through cracks in a floor, between bricks, on a wall or hanging from a light fixture, for example. Like minorities, mushroom microorganisms make their way slowly but surely in a resilient manner, no matter what may change the course of their natural journey.

Works by the artist

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